Choking and the Dechoker – Online Course of the Week

Choking and the Dechoker course will give you the essential information when dealing with someone choking. Abdominal thrusts have helped save many lives, but it’s not the easiest method when responding to someone choking. There are a number of fatal complications following the performance of abdominal thrusts.

Major incident trauma course – Learn online how to save lives

Major incident trauma is something that anyone could need to deal with but this course is also aimed at the emergency services. Catastrophic injuries from multiple casualty incidents are something that unfortunately is a real situation that first responders and members of the public may have to deal with.

Ibuprofen and Pets – medicine for you, killer for pets

Ibuprofen is a painkiller that is available over the counter without a prescription.  It’s one of a group of painkillers called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It is a popular pain killer used in households and prescribed by doctors for pain relief. Although generally harmless in humans it can be fatal with pets.

Behaviour That Challenges – Course of the Week

Behaviour That Challenges is an extremely strenuous for everyone involved and many people find it tough when confronted by a difficult situation. Trying to resolve and figure out the best techniques to use, can be just as challenging. Challenging behaviour needs to be approached in a controlled way, ensuring the recipient is managing the situation carefully, Read More …

LIFEPAK 1000 AED Faults

LIFEPAK 1000 automatic external defibrillators (AEDs)  have a risk of device shutting down unexpectedly during patient treatment and possible failure to deliver therapy.  Manufactured by Physio-Control – risk of unexpected device shutdown due to an intermittent connection between the battery and device contacts.

HeartSine AED 350P Special Offer Price a £799 plus VAT with £75 of free online training

HeartSine AED manufacture full feature AED units in the UK. To increase the number of AED units available in the community and in businesses we are able to offer the HeartSine 350 at a special price of £799 plus VAT and the HeartSine 500 with CPR help at £999 plus VAT.  We also have special Read More …

Entonox video online course now live

Entonox is a medical drug used in pain relief and we have launched a new video online course telling you the basics on its use.  Our Awareness course gives you the basics on how to manage and deliver it to a patient.  Entonox is a prescription drug and completing this course will not give you the Read More …

Text and phone scams

Texts and phone scam calls can be used maliciously to facilitate theft and fraud. ‘Vishing’ calls try to alarm recipients into making payments or providing important financial information. ‘Smishing’ texts may additionally try to entice their target to click on malicious links, activating trojan viruses which can steal passwords and other high-value data. How do Read More …

RQF? Paediatric ProTrainings regulated courses changed from QCF to RQF on the 1st May

RQF is an abbreviation you may have heard about tin relation to regulated qualifications.  During 2017, awarding organisations will be been slowly changing from QCF to RQF qualifications and you may be wondering what this means? In essence, this means that awarding organisations have more liberty to design their own qualifications and to give them Read More …